Are weight loss attempts similar to corporate streamlining?

I have been trying to lose weight. But that is not what drives me to write this blogpost. Yesterday, I saw a weird similarity between a person working to lose weight and a company working to streamline its operations. Weird – right? Stay with me and tell me if this is so.
First, a look at the reasons for occurrence of the problem:
1) A person mostly gains weight because they are eating more than the energy they require. A company mostly tends to gain flab because they have more people on their rolls than is required.
2) When a person’s system goes out of balance and the metabolism slows down, weight gain occurs. When employees/management do not work cohesively, efficiency and effectiveness in the company goes down.
3) Sometimes a person gains weight due to illness which is similar to a company’s operations being affected by a non-performing department.
When I became uncomfortable with the weight gain and decided to address the problem, I tried various methods – analyzing the reasons for the weight gain, diet regulation, exercise etc. Companies also undertake measures to increase efficiency and productivity.
Often one hears about companies downsizing its employee base. It can be compared to procedures like liposuction which does seem to be a good solution initially. But in reality, if other steps are not taken, the problem returns after some time. For long-term solution, core reasons for the problem have to be addressed.
Most companies in India tend to overwork their employees with the belief that it will lead to maximum returns. Such working methods lead to decrease in efficiencies and productivity due to increase in errors by employees, loss in creativity, increased stress etc. Some people tend to over-exercise or over-diet which leads to breakdown of body’s capacity to find the balance and address the weight issue. An overworked system cannot reach health and vitality.
Without real understanding of the cause of the problem, no one can lose weight and keep it off without affecting health which is absolutely true for companies wanting to streamline their operations. There is no one fit all. If one wants to permanent solution, constant work is required. Knee jerk reactions or solutions also never work.
It has been 1.5 years since I first took steps to lose weight. Many other problems have exacerbated the issue and needed simultaneous attention. Finally what has clinched it is an understanding of the problem, determination, addressing the problem on multiple fronts and a big dose of mental equanimity. I think it was the last bit that brought everything together as an effective solution.