Should reviews be supportive?

Which scenario would you prefer –

  1. People found faults with you and the product that you created, said it was not good enough
  2. People helped you see ways in which you could improve things while appreciating you/your product

I remember watching old hindi movies where a child runs up to his Grandmom showing off the latest weird creation of his. Grandmom would exclaim in admiration, gather up the kid in her arms and commend him for his creativeness. Next scene had the kid running off excitedly to dream up next creation.
I would love to read product/ company reviews which are constructive and includes these aspects:
Review people/products & services without slamming them: It is easy to find faults but as any person knows, to create requires effort. Appreciating the effort goes a long way in forming a positive association between reviewer and reviewed. It creates a base for open and honest dialogue.
Make suggestions to improve: While reviewing, drawing up a list of things that can be improved or added to create an improved version of product, works to encourage the reviewed. If the list is named as deficiencies of the product, it disheartens people and erodes their confidence.
Be supportive: If reviews give the impression that the reviewer is a well-wisher who desires growth for the company/product, it encourages people to talk about problems and seek suggestions and solutions.
Supportive reviews do not come at cost of honesty. It only means that the reviewer recognizes the effort put into creating and shares expectation of better products in a considerate manner.
Happiness, creativity, good deeds, support – these are all contagious. More we contribute to the pool, greater is the chance that we will find these in our life. I know when I launch my venture, I hope to be treated gently and with consideration. Before that I need to ensure my delivery matches the expectations I have from life.


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