Stale news – relevant or irrelevant?

Is the news only relevant if it is breaking news or at least posted on the day it happens?
The question floated in my head as I read about a Company announcement on Thursday on a website covering happenings in digital. This announcement had been made on Monday. If we went by the hypothesis that only current news items should be posted, then it should not have been posted on the website in question.
Personally it made sense to post a short article on the announcement, even though it was very delayed, on several counts:

  1. If ever I am looking up information about the Company on this website, I will also get to know about this announcement. My research will be complete which means that I will continue to use this website while researching company announcements and information.
  2. Any subsequent news related to this announcement will be posted (hopefully in time) and background explained by giving link to this article.
  3. This news can easily be part of a summation/collation of similar news items especially at time of year end news round ups.
  4. Even though delayed, it still gives a chance to readers to post their POV about the news. In many cases delayed POVs gives a much better analysis of how the event may affect the company/industry.
  5. The website continues to maintain goodwill with the Company.

If you were covering industry news as a business, would you post news on your website even though it was a bit stale? Are there any other benefits or drawbacks to posting stale news?