Collaborative story writing experiment

Pratham Books had recently conducted a writathon where four prominent writers wrote sections of a story one after other – like a relay writing. A random conversation on twitter led to start of an experiment in story writing for kids on twitter.
Participants who have agreed to be part of this experiment are:
A method has been defined to make sure that this experiment becomes a success. Main points of it are:

  • The hashtag for actual story tweets will be #swpb (Story writing for Pratham Books)
  • The hashtag for comments/notes/handing over to next writer #swpbn
  • Each story tweet will include a no. 1st tweet in story writing will start as 1. xxxxxxx. Next tweet will be 2xxxxx
  • Each new writer will continue story by continuing from last no. used. If last no. used was 55, next writer will start as 56. xxxxxx
  • Each writer contributes 5-10 tweets per turn. They signal end of turn with hashtag #eot #swpb
  • Let us try to complete story by 100th tweet and today itself.
  • I will collate story tweets along with writer’s twitter handle and keep it on
  • No one will own the copyright to the story. Every one is free to use it as they want.
  • Sequence of writers to continue story is as follows: @hersoapbox @ratna_rajaiah @asmita @neobluepanther @vaishalins

The collated story will be posted in the next post. As the story develops, it will be updated. Your suggestions, feedback and best wishes will be highly appreciated.